/ˈɡɑrdn/ 1

“Providing meticulous oversight of your garden’s care and maintenance, encompassing precise plant care, skilled landscape maintenance, and attentive outdoor furniture upkeep.

“Crafting Garden Excellence: Tailoring Your Service Experience”

At our initial meeting with you, we undertake a thorough assessment to understand your unique garden requirements and tailor our gardening services accordingly.

We believe in transparency and precision, which is why we employ a detailed survey to evaluate the scope of work and determine the pricing for our services. This survey covers every aspect of gardening, ensuring that no detail is overlooked.

Your satisfaction and the health of your garden are our top priorities, and this survey helps us create a bespoke plan that aligns perfectly with your needs.

Let’s delve into the specifics and design a gardening maintenance plan that suits you best:

Property Details:

Property Type (Apartment, house, villa, Estate,…):

Primary purpose of the property (residential, holiday, or a rental):

Size of Garden Area:

Size Categories for Plants and Trees:

Plants (Plant Beds vs. Potted Plants):

  • Small (30 cm) in height
  • Medium (30 cm to 1 meter) in height
  • Large (1 to 2 meters) in height
  • Very Large (2 meters) in height


  • Small Tree (6 meters) in height
  • Medium Tree (6 to 12 meters) in height
  • Large Tree (12 to 21 meters) in height
  • Very Large Tree (21 meters) in height

Gardening Services:

Creation & Design:

  • Designing and planning garden layouts
  • Selecting appropriate plants and landscaping elements
  • Implementing the initial setup of a garden


  • Evaluating and revitalizing existing gardens
  • Redesigning and replanting to improve aesthetics and functionality

Leaf Collection:

  • Raking and collecting leaves
  • Disposing of collected leaves appropriately

Terrace Cleaning:

  • Sweeping and cleaning terrace areas
  • Clearing debris and maintaining cleanliness

Pathway Cleaning:

  • Sweeping and cleaning pathways
  • Removing dirt, leaves, and other debris

Lawn Maintenance:

  • Mowing the lawn
  • Trimming and edging grass
  • Seeding and fertilizing as needed

Garden Bed Maintenance:

  • Planting, pruning, and maintaining flowers, shrubs, and trees
  • Weeding and mulching garden beds

Hedge Maintenance:

  • Pruning for size and shape
  • Thinning and pest control
  • Fertilization and watering
  • Seasonal upkeep and rejuvenation

Irrigation and Watering:

  • Setting and managing automated watering systems
  • Hand-watering plants as needed

Pest Control:

  • Monitoring and addressing garden pests
  • Weed management

Special Garden Features:

(e.g., pond, fountain, specific plants):

Garden Style and Preferences:

Maintenance Frequency:

(Daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly)

Preferred Days and Times:

For a precise quote and to discuss the pricing details tailored to your property and requirements, please feel free to ask for your initial meeting.

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