“In an Ideal World, Property Ownership should be about pleasure, and only pleasure…”

While reality often differs, we’re here to make it right!

Your property investment journey commences with a substantial financial commitment, involving budgets, occasional staffing, supplier arrangements, and the necessity for property management services and concierge support.

Selecting the perfect management partner for your holidays Estate in Montenegro will alleviate your worries and cultivate a delightful atmosphere for both you and your esteemed guests.

We are Your One-Stop-Shop Property Management services in Montenegro

Property Management Housekeeper

Professional, efficient and discreet, we ensure the cleanliness and maintenance of your house. This encompasses a wide array of cleaning and maintenance services tailored to meet your specific needs and preferences.

Property Management swimming pool maintenance

Supervising swimming pool area care and maintenance including pool cleaning, chemical treatment, and furniture care and cleaning.

Gardening Property management Lustica

Landscaping and gardening services including lawn cutting, weeding, fertilization, opening and closing irrigation systems, pruning, hedge trimming, spring and fall clean ups, tree care.

Conciergerie Montenegro

Our Conciergerie offers sur-mesure services and responds to all of your requests: private driver, boat skipper, restaurant reservation, house staff, childcare, wellness and sports, and whatever is on your wish list.

Personalized and Proactive Property Management

Our approach to property management is built on personalized care and active engagement. We customize our services to align with your unique needs, overseeing both day-to-day operations and occasional essential tasks.

Services Overview:

Budgeting you Property :

We’re here to fulfill any specific requests or services on your wish list, customizing our offerings to match your unique needs and desires.

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