Product Analytics

Understand your product performance, customer usage patterns, and areas for improvement. Make data-backed decisions to enhance your product offerings.

Product Mix Analytics

Which is the optimal product Mix to increase my margins ?​

hospitality management

The Product Mix determine the proportion of each product that your establishment sells in relation to the total sales, being important because some products can be more profitable than others, and if you change the product Mix, your profits also change.​

Menu Analytics

Do I reduce the portion or modify the price to increase my margin?​

Hospitality Managemen

We use menu engineering where the correlation between the popularity and profitability of each of its food and beverage products is analysed. It will provide you with very useful information for making decisions on whether to increase the unit price, reduce the cost or size of the product to maximize your gross margin, or maybe eliminate the product because it has no outlet on your menu, or promote due to its high profitability.​

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